Friday, 25 November 2011

A passage from The Kick-a-lot Shoes

Instead of a poem this week Room 2 is taking home a passage from our big book"The Kick-a-lot Shoes" by Joy Cowley. Shaan has typed it up for everyone in Room 2 to read.

"My broom!" yelled the witch."I can't get home without my broom." "We will help you," said the people. "We want to help you,"said the cow. And BOOMPSA-DAISY! Up went the witch , up , up , up, all the way to her house."Ow!" said the witch and she ran in , crying. "What mean people they are," she said. "They kicked me so hard, I can't sit down."

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Stories By Maya

Do  you  know  that  the  Egyptians  made  paper  out  of  a  type  of  plant?  Well they did!It was  Sunday and  there's  nothing  I  like  better  than  reading  and   telling  stories, in fact it's  my  hobby! I do  like  book  shops  or  any   other  place  that  has  books. My  favourite  book is How  the  tiger  got  it's stripes. Sometimes  a  piece  of  art  work  is  a  part  of   a story  like  Icarus. Now  that  one  is  a  sad story. It's  so  sad  it's  like when the  king   said "No  more  soup'' in  the Tale of Despereaux.  I  also read  some   fairy  tales like: The  Frog  Prince, The   Pig   And  The  Jewels,  Sleeping Beauty, even Rapunzel. I  sometimes  even  make  up   stories. I was  reading stories,  listening  to  stories,  telling   stories  and    making   up  stories. I  felt   inspired  by  all   those   stories.

Never Come Home By Tes

''Sh be quiet, shes coming!''On Sunday it was my mum's birthday.I gave her my red and blue card that I made.Also my brother and sister gave her a card. After we went in the car and went on four trains. I was tired so then I slept on the train. We were going to Britomart  when we got to Britomart we looked around. We waited for the 3rd train it took hours. Then it came! There was not that many people. Next  we went off and ate some food like pie and drink. Me and William played a game. So we hopped on and went to fix my Dad's uncle's car. We played tag but first I played rughby with William. Then I went inside with my big sister. We ate crisp chips and talked about funny stories. My mum said me and William can have  a  lolly. We played trouble tag. We all felt happy that we   were going home. Mostly I was the happiest.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Poem of the Week

Here is Joel reading our poem this week called One Nose.

Shaan's Recount

Yesterday we had lots of trick or treaters for Halloween coming to my house. There were lots!I said “Who’s there? Mum! There are trick or treaters at the door". Maya came from school. She was a black cat. I saw her at the door. 58 trick or treaters came to my house. I felt so surprised because lots of trick or treaters came to my house.  
By Shaan

Room 2's Favourite Sentences

‘’It’ll  be  such  a  good  night’’  I  shouted. 
By  Zac.   

When I got a turn at holding the mice it tickled! By Lola

On the holidays I went to the moves with Andre and Denzel and Paina.
By Joel

I went out to do a big jump. So I jumped…       SPLASH, it was big.
By Josh

I don’t like my marshmallows on  fire.
By Riley W

Then I went to bed
By Holly

I held a baby chicken.
By Wyatt

Quick get the  frying  pan!
By Livana

Yesterday I went swimming.
By Felipe

Then the movie started.                      
By George.

Yesterday I went trick or treating 
By Ethan G

On the amazing Saturday my church friends and I went to the beach.
By Tama     

Guess what I did in the weekend? I played league. 
By Andre.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Jack's Holiday Recount

In the holidays, me, Elliot and Katie went to Havelock North with Mum and Dad. When
we got there I saw Bella at the gate. Then we got out of the car. Bella’s Mum and Dad came out of the house. They said hi to us. Then we went into their house. Lewis came with us. Then we got inside. Lewis got the lego for us. We played with it. Lewis played with us. We stayed for three days and 2 nights.

By Jack

Thursday, 27 October 2011

What did Room 2 do in the holidays?

George went into the city.
Josh went to see Real Steel.
Lola went to Taupo.
Livana went to a building class.
Jack went to Havelock North to see his cousins. 
Petra went to France.
Andre went to the beach.
Maya saw Spy Kids 4.
Briarn went to the Family Day Concert.
Tes went to the museum.
Zac went to the holiday programme and saw Spy Kids 4. 
Shaan watched the Rugby World Cup Final.
Riley H went to his Papa's house. 
Holly went to Christchurch.
Wyatt touched a stingray.
Tama went to Nguarawahia to play league.
Ethan had lots of special treats.
Stella went to Heathcoate.
Joel went to Andre's house.
Kate went to Waiheke.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Holiday Dreams!

Room 2 has been thinking about what we would like to do in the holidays. Here are some of our ideas.

See Real Steel.

Win the competition to see Spy Kids.

Go to Taupo.

Win family pass to see the seahorses at Kelly Tarltons.

Go to Skids.

Do whatever we want!

Go to Christchurch.

Watching the finals of the Rugby World Cup.

Go to Ponsonby Holiday Programme.

Go to Megazone.

Go to the pools and watch a movie.

Moving to Australia.

Going to What Now.

Playing kicks at Ponsonby Park.

Seeing The Smurfs movie.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Kakariki Reading Group

The boys in Kakariki group have been learning to make their voices interesting when they read. They can do this by making their voice go up and down, reading smoothly, putting emphasis on important words and pausing appropriately at full stops. Here are the boys reading and acting out an interview from the non-fiction text Red Rattlers.

Room 2's Poem of the Week

Here is Ethan reading our poem of the week Sammy Spat's Hats.

Ethan from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Room 2's Super Speeches!

Here are some of Room 2 sharing their speeches with the camera. They have worked very hard researching their topics, writing their speeches and practising delivery them. The children then performed their speeches to the rest of the class on Thursday. They did a fantastic job!

Andre from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Lola from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Maya from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Briarn from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Tes from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Holly from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Joel from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Nicholas from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Book Character Parade

On Friday we had the book character parade. Kowhai's team theme was Magical Tales. Riley W and Wyatt won the costume competition.

Speech Writing

Room 2 has been working really hard for the past 2 weeks writing their speeches. This week they will be practising performing their speeches for our class final on Thursday. Each child will record themselves saying their speech and this will be posted onto the blog... so look forward to hearing some great speeches!

Poem of the Week

Here is Stella reading our poem from last week.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Holiday Sentences

Room 2 were very busy in their holiday doing things like watching movies, going to new places, riding on boats, seeing snow, playing rugby and lots more interesting activities.

This week Room 2 has been busy writing recounts about their holiday experiences.

Here are the sentences that the children chose to publish on the blog.

In one  spot   Jordan    went    right   past   us.    I   said   “He   is   easily    going    to    find   me”.    By   EthanG

Rain rain rain. On Saturday it was my rugby game.
By Tama

On Saturday I had my rugby.
From Nicholas

Next  we  had to eat dinner  like  ice  cream
and  cake.
From  George.

Woosh, woosh went the waves in the video.
by Lola

On the 22nd of July and the 30th of July we watched the rugby.
By Shaan

I went to watch Cars 2. The cars raced to the finish line rmmmm rmmm.
By Joel

In the first week of the holidays I went to Wellington.
By Maya

My grandpa is 71!
By Tes

Rangitoto’s crater is three times my school!
By Petra

7 hours of sleeping and eating!
By Livana

In the holidays I went to Cairns
By Jack

When we left the airport I didn’t want to walk to the car because the car was very far away.
By Stella

Friday, 8 July 2011

Poem of the Week

Here is Lola reading our poem this week, Mice.
Lola is really good at keeping the rhythm of the poem. Well done Lola

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

100 Days of Learning

Come and visit Room 2 tomorrow to celebrate 100 Days of Learning this year!

We welcome parents or special visitors from 9am. We will share our learning goals and our awesome learning! You can also visit Grey Lynn School's Art Exhibition, with our art in Room 14 (one of the new rooms). At 10am there is assembly where you will be dazzled by Kowhai Team's Jumpjam performance!

See you tomorrow in Room 2!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Kowhai Reading Group

Kowhai Reading Group has been learning to find facts or answers in the text that they are reading. They read the non-fiction text The Chocolate Tree. They learnt a lot about chocolate! Here they are sharing a fact that they have learnt.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shaan reading

Here is Shaan reading The Bear and the Bees. Shaan reads smoothly with expression. If he loses his place he goes back to the sentence and reads it again. This is a good strategy! It was really challenging to read the story in the classroom, with all the noise and distraction. Shaan has worked really hard to remain focused. Keep it up Shaan.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Pickles and the Very Large Fly!

Here is Wyatt reading chapter 1 of Pickles and the Very Large Fly. Wyatt fixes his mistakes, re-reads the sentence if he is unsure and is beginning to use expression. Keep it up Wyatt!

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

My Snake

Here is Maya reading our poem this week. Great reading Maya!

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Why do we have seasons?

Room 2 has been learning about how the Sun affects heat on Earth and how the Sun creates seasons. We learnt that Earth is on a tilt and this is what creates Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

We watched this video which helped us understand how the seasons occur.

Then we used playdough, a ball and a pencil to make our own videos explaining the reason for seasons!

Here are three groups explaining what they have learnt: Ethan, George and Stella, Livana, Joel and Andre, and Shaan and Zac.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Daily News: Detective Report

Today in Room 2 we found a pink letter. It's a mystery that we are trying to solve! The first letter said Dear Room 2, Come to the forest a mystery will be revealed. We went to the forest! We found another pink note. This letter said Dear Room 2 At night time we will come. The letter was ripped at the bottom and we couldn't tell who it was from. We are trying to find out who wrote the letter and why they wrote to us.

Can anyone help us with solving this mystery?! Stay tuned to Room 2!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Skunk Smell

Here are Shaan and Holly reading our poem of the week.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Our Interesting Opening Sentences

This week Room 2 was learning to write interesting opening sentences for their recounts. Interesting sentences will hook the reader in to your story and make them keep reading! Room 2 used questions, sound words (onomatopoeia) or speech in their opening sentences.

Have you watched puss in boots? Well I have.By Tes

Scrub, scrub,scrub. Clean, clean, clean. Wipe, wipe, wipe. Have you ever been a clean up person?
By briarn

When i got home from school I saw some eggs.
By Riley W

Have you ever watched What Now?
I have!By Maya

On Friday it was Grandparents Day. Nana and Poppa came.
By Jack

Have you ever watched What Now? I have
by Nicholas

Have you ever heard of methane on Uranus? I have. by Holly

Have you ever been to long bay?
Well I have. By Lola

On Monday I went to watch my uncle play hockey.By Shaan

Have you played Getting up? No you absolutely haven’t. by andre

Splash, splash, splash. The line was hooked into a beast!
By Wyatt

Yesterday my cousin Harlen came to my house.
By Ethan

On the three day weekend I made treasure.
By Livana

“Please Mum I just want to play Rugby League”
By Joel

On Friday me and my friends went to Priates of the Caribbean. By Riley H

Do you know how to knit? Well I do.
By Petra

Friday, 3 June 2011

Fractions Frenzy!

It has been Fraction Frenzy in Room 2 the past two weeks. We have been learning to recognise basic fractions, find fractions of shapes and also to find fractions of numbers or sets. Here are Lola, Petra and Livana sharing their learning about Fractions

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

The Eagle Poem

Here is Josh reading our poem this week. He did a great job of reading smoothly. Awesome reading Josh.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Here is Petra reading our poem as well. She used great expression as she read. Well done Petra!

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Some more reading

Here is Joel reading the story Too Big and Heavy. His reading group has been learning to correct their mistakes as they read. Joel is also beginning to read more smoothly and use expression.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Reading Smoothly

The reading group MA has been learning to read smoothly. They used Photo Booth to record themselves reading. Enjoy the videos!

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Untitled from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Running as fast as we can!!

On Friday all of the school went to Grey Lynn Park for Cross Country.  We want to share our favourite parts of Cross Country..

We liked when we raced up the ramp.
We felt proud of Stella because she came first.
Wel felt proud of Shaan because he got third.
We enjoyed watching Faye win her race by such a lot.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stardome Trip Recounts

Here are our favourite sentences from our recounts about our trip to Stardome. 

We  got  to  see  a  golden  telescope.
By  Zac
We watched a movie called The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket.
By Petra
Next  we  went  into the  stardome  and we  went to  see  a  movie.
By  Josh
In  the movie  two  boys went to lots  of   planets with  a  cardboard  rocket 
By Andre

Then  we  played  on  the  playground  and   I went  on  the  flying  fox.
by  George
We looked around the foyer.
By Wyatt
Then  it  was  time  to  go  inside to  
watch  a  video.
by  Lola 
On Friday room 2 went to the Stardome with Room 1. 
By Jack

We looked at this computer with all the planets.
By Joel

First we got to watch a movie.
By Ethan G
We watched a movie about space.
By Tama
I sat by the window.
By Briarn

We saw a cardboard rocketship in space.
By Shaan
We didn’t really land on Mars.
By Maya

Jupiter is the biggest planet.
by Nicholas
The movie was about the planets. 
by Holly
I  learned  about space.
by  Riley H 
I  liked  the  movie  because
we  got  to  land  on  Jupiter.
by  Stella

The  door  wasn’t  that interesting.
By Livana
My best part was when they landed on Jupiter.
By Tes

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kowhai Team Trip to Stardome

On Friday the 13th of May, Room 2 (along with the whole of the Kowhai team) visited the Stardome Observatory. Here are some photos of our fun day out!