Friday, 25 November 2011

A passage from The Kick-a-lot Shoes

Instead of a poem this week Room 2 is taking home a passage from our big book"The Kick-a-lot Shoes" by Joy Cowley. Shaan has typed it up for everyone in Room 2 to read.

"My broom!" yelled the witch."I can't get home without my broom." "We will help you," said the people. "We want to help you,"said the cow. And BOOMPSA-DAISY! Up went the witch , up , up , up, all the way to her house."Ow!" said the witch and she ran in , crying. "What mean people they are," she said. "They kicked me so hard, I can't sit down."

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Stories By Maya

Do  you  know  that  the  Egyptians  made  paper  out  of  a  type  of  plant?  Well they did!It was  Sunday and  there's  nothing  I  like  better  than  reading  and   telling  stories, in fact it's  my  hobby! I do  like  book  shops  or  any   other  place  that  has  books. My  favourite  book is How  the  tiger  got  it's stripes. Sometimes  a  piece  of  art  work  is  a  part  of   a story  like  Icarus. Now  that  one  is  a  sad story. It's  so  sad  it's  like when the  king   said "No  more  soup'' in  the Tale of Despereaux.  I  also read  some   fairy  tales like: The  Frog  Prince, The   Pig   And  The  Jewels,  Sleeping Beauty, even Rapunzel. I  sometimes  even  make  up   stories. I was  reading stories,  listening  to  stories,  telling   stories  and    making   up  stories. I  felt   inspired  by  all   those   stories.

Never Come Home By Tes

''Sh be quiet, shes coming!''On Sunday it was my mum's birthday.I gave her my red and blue card that I made.Also my brother and sister gave her a card. After we went in the car and went on four trains. I was tired so then I slept on the train. We were going to Britomart  when we got to Britomart we looked around. We waited for the 3rd train it took hours. Then it came! There was not that many people. Next  we went off and ate some food like pie and drink. Me and William played a game. So we hopped on and went to fix my Dad's uncle's car. We played tag but first I played rughby with William. Then I went inside with my big sister. We ate crisp chips and talked about funny stories. My mum said me and William can have  a  lolly. We played trouble tag. We all felt happy that we   were going home. Mostly I was the happiest.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Poem of the Week

Here is Joel reading our poem this week called One Nose.

Shaan's Recount

Yesterday we had lots of trick or treaters for Halloween coming to my house. There were lots!I said “Who’s there? Mum! There are trick or treaters at the door". Maya came from school. She was a black cat. I saw her at the door. 58 trick or treaters came to my house. I felt so surprised because lots of trick or treaters came to my house.  
By Shaan

Room 2's Favourite Sentences

‘’It’ll  be  such  a  good  night’’  I  shouted. 
By  Zac.   

When I got a turn at holding the mice it tickled! By Lola

On the holidays I went to the moves with Andre and Denzel and Paina.
By Joel

I went out to do a big jump. So I jumped…       SPLASH, it was big.
By Josh

I don’t like my marshmallows on  fire.
By Riley W

Then I went to bed
By Holly

I held a baby chicken.
By Wyatt

Quick get the  frying  pan!
By Livana

Yesterday I went swimming.
By Felipe

Then the movie started.                      
By George.

Yesterday I went trick or treating 
By Ethan G

On the amazing Saturday my church friends and I went to the beach.
By Tama     

Guess what I did in the weekend? I played league. 
By Andre.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Jack's Holiday Recount

In the holidays, me, Elliot and Katie went to Havelock North with Mum and Dad. When
we got there I saw Bella at the gate. Then we got out of the car. Bella’s Mum and Dad came out of the house. They said hi to us. Then we went into their house. Lewis came with us. Then we got inside. Lewis got the lego for us. We played with it. Lewis played with us. We stayed for three days and 2 nights.

By Jack