Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bio Poem By Charlie

I Charlie
Son of Allan and Robyn.
Lover of lego and lollies and hurricanes.                          
Who feels excited.
Who needs video games.
Who fears death and shark's.
Who would like lego.
Resident of Scotland.
I am me.

Bio Poem By John

I John.
Son  of Tina and Tala.
Lover of lego.
Who feels happy.
Who needs power.
Who fears spiders.
Who would like to visit  Fiji.
Resident of Samoa.
I am me.

By John.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Bio Poem By Jake

I, Jake.

Sibling of Dylan, Jamie, and Michael.

Lover of Minecraft.

Who feels awesome, crazy, and weird.

Who needs computerised gaming.

Who fears people with hammers.

Who would like $1,000,000,000,000.

Resident of Auckland, NZ.


Bio Poem By Lotta

I Lotta,
Daughter of Paddy and Linda.
Lover of music, family, polca-greace and Sweden.
Who feels embarrassed, excited,annoyed and happy.
Who needs family,food/water, friends and music.
Who fares snakes, rats, death and when my sister is angry.
Who would like more pets and more "GOOD" clothes.
Resident of Aukland NewZealand.
I am me!    

Bio Poem By Felix

I Felix,
Son of Stephen and Mel
Lover of lego and drawing
Who feels intelligent, nice and tired
Who needs sushi,stationary and family
Who fears crash landing in a plane
Who would like to travel to Africa
Resident of NZ and Australia
I am me

Bio Poem By Jaime

I Jaime
Daughter of Jo and Nik
Lover of every thing furry
Who feels happy
Who needs pets and family
Who fears getting eaten by a shark
Who would like all the toys in the wold
Resident of Grey Lynn
I am me

Bio Poem By Emily

I, Emily
Daughter of Abi and Doug
Lover of soft things, shiny things and sweet stuff
Who feels special
Who needs family, company and food
Who fears embarrassment, blood and death
Who would like a pet polar bear
A resident of New Zealand
I am me

Bio Poem By Ariel

I Ariel

Sibling of Finch

Lover of lego

Who sometimes fells psycho

Who needs my playstation vita

Who fears Oska

Who would like to be rich

Resident of New zealand

I am me

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bio Poem By Xavier

I    Xavier

Son of Mum       and     Dad

Who likes   lego

Who loves eggs

Who needs games

Who   fears   nothing'

I am me!

Bio Poem By Harvey

Son of Catherine and David
Lover of Megazone, lego and EB Games
Who feels happy and sometimes turns into the hulk
Who needs to meet One Direction
Who fears knifes falling on my feet
Who would like to have a job
Resident of Auckland
I am me!

Bio Poem By Luka

I  Luka
Son of Tris and Diane
Lover of lego  and computer  games
Who feel excited
Who needs my mum  to come back from Fiji
Who fears rats
Who would like to go skiing
Resident of Auckland
I am me  

Bio Poem By Francis

I Francis
Son of Tracey and Shane
Lover of Megazone
Who feels tired
Who fears hurricanes  
Who would like a puppy
Resident of Westmere
I am me.

Bio Poem By Paloma

I Paloma

Daughter of Julie and Bo

Lover of sylvanians

Who feels happy, nice and excited

Who needs food, water and toys

Who fears relievers

Who would like to go to Mexico

Resident of Auckland

I am me!

Bio Poem By Daisy

I, Daisy

Sister of Hannah and Olivia

Lover of cats, dogs, rats and animals

Who feels happy, sad and excited

Who needs love from mum

Who fears bugs, spiders and sharks

Resident of New Zealand

I am me

Bio poem by Marley

I, Marley,
Son of Che Ness and Angela McDonald-Sunborn,
Lover of basketball, food and electronic games,
Who feels happy, excited and silly,
Who needs a family, a house and a smart brain,
Who fears tornadoes only,
Who would like to go to New York or London,
Resident of Auckland, New Zealand,
I am me!

Bio Poem By Kalia

I, Kalia
Daughter of Sareena, and Malcolm
Lover of nature and salmon
Who feels cheeky, happy and excited
Who needs my family, life and sleep
Who fears tarantulas and dying
Resident of Grey Lynn, and Albany
I am me.

Bio Poem By Shea

I, Shea
Son of Sacha and Dan
Lover of my family and friends
Who feels proud, silly and crazy
Who needs candy floss
Who fears of boogie monsters
Resident of Melbourne, Australia
I am me

Bio Poem By Tes

I, Tes
Daughter of Sau
Lover of Samoa
Who feels happy and worried
Who needs family and food
Who fears slugs and spiders
Who would like to go to Samoa
Resident of Grey Lynn
I am me

Bio poem By Briarn

Sibling of Cassidy
Lover of puppies,drawing and colouring
Who feels exited,happy and tired
Who needs sushi,family and puppy
Who fears spiders and couscous
Who would like a puppy, a mouse and to float in the clouds
Resident of Mount Albert and Grey Lynn
I am me!

Bio Poem By Alex

I am Alex.
Son of Jon and Nichola.
Lover of minecraft.
Who feels cool.
Who needs mum.
Who fears nothing.
Who would like minecraft.
Resident of Grey Lynn.
I am me.

Bio Poem By Oska

 Son of Dan Gosling and Shontal Healy
 Lover of animals,food and drawing
 Who feels stressed,silly and excited
 Who needs a puppy,food and family
 Who fears spiders
 Who would like to travel the world
 Resident of New zealand
 I am me!

Bio Poem By Cassie

I, Cassie
Daughter of Vicky and Nik
Lover of my family
Who feels happy and tired
Who needs Mum
Who fears spiders
Who would like to go to Fiji
Resident of New Zealand
I am me