Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Persuasive Writing

Room 16 has been learning about persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is when you try to persuade or convince someone to do something, buy something or believe something.

Here is Felix and Alex's persuasive reports about wearing a uniform.

Why Grey Lynn School Shouldn’t Have A Uniform
I think we definitely should not have a uniform.
Firstly, everybody knows that uniforms look disgusting because they are not the right color and might be uncomfortable.
Secondly, of course uniforms will be expensive. Just think it could be $25 and you are not a ‘thousandaire’!
Finally, uniforms are easier to lose. If you were going swimming you could easily lose it in the changing room. 
Uniforms are not practical. We should not wear them. 

By Felix

Why we shouldn’t have a uniforms 

I think that if we  had a uniform we wouldn’t get to choose what to wear. We would have to wear the same thing every day.
Secondly, if our uniforms got muddy we would have to wear them anyway.
We would have to wear the same thing over and over again.
Uniforms are bad because we would have to wear the same thing every day.
By Alex

Friday, 20 July 2012

100 Days of Learning

The A to Z of 100 days of Learning in Room 16
By Ariel  

a africa 
 b butterflies
 c computer or class
 d desks 
 e editing 
 f friends 
 g giraffes from africa 
 h hexagons maths group 
 i incorporated learning 
 j journey
 k kate the best teacher ever or kiwis 
l learning 
 m motat or mr barker 
 n new zealand 
 o olympics 
 p pepper the cat 
 q quote
 r race 
 s south africa 
 t teacher 
 u under-estimate teachers power 
 v various mistakes 
 w walking 
 x x-ray 
 y you and me 
 z zero bad things

100 Days of Learning

Here is the A to Z of our first 100 days in Room 16
By Luka 

At School 
Class collage 
Daily maths 
New Zealand
Pepper the cat 
Under-estimate teacher power 
Very fun 
(E)Xtremely good 
You and me 
Zero bad things