Friday, 24 February 2012

Poem of the Week

Here is Luka reading our poem this week called The Peacock.

Recount by Kalia

 The Beach
Shiver, shiver! In the weekend I went to the beach. It was really cold.  Me and Grandmas friend were there. Swosh Swosh I dived into the sea . It was a nice and beautiful day. Then  we went home to get my dads togs because we locked the door. We saw  dads car come down. I run as fast as I could. I bet Dad’s car. Dad put his togs on. Then we were off. I hoped into the sea again. Cannonball!
Splash! “That was really cool’’ I yelled. Next Dad threw me and he made me do a bellyflop. “Ouch that hurt’’ I said. After that we all headed for home. Lastly we had some cookies and a milo. Me and grandma made a milkshake together. It was a really fun and exciting day.
By Kalia

Recount by Lotta

Nanny’s house
Bye Mum bye Dad! In the weekend Me and Mia went to our Nanny’s house. First  Mum dropped Nanny, me and Mia to the dairy so we could get some food.Then we walked home and ate our lunch. We got chips and Mia and Nanny got pies. After that  we read some magazines and talked. Lastly Mum picked us up and we went home.
I felt annoyed because Mum didn’t give us a bag of books and activities. 
By Lotta     

Recount by Briarn

The Shelly Beach
On the weekend I went to the beach.I went with my aunty and cousins. When we got there I was diving into the beach with my cousin Seranade. We pretended that if we touched water we will turn into a mermaid. It was warm and cold.I played with my cousins in the beach. Their names are Seranade,Astin,Salist and Eden. After two or three hours my little brother and my other little cousins came.We had to move spots on the beach because the tide was coming in.Then after we moved we got back into the water. We played for a while then it was time to go home. We packed up. My nan came to pick us up. She took the boys and my Aunty Jaymie took the girls. When we got home we played on our bikes and watched tv.
By Briarn

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Room 16 will be sharing a slideshow at next week's assembly Tuesday 28th February. Please come along to see our fantastic learning about the Grey Lynn Values!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Statistical Enquiry

For the past two weeks the children in Room 16 have been learning about graphing. This week each child posed a question they wanted to find out about. They then carried out a survey of Room 16, collecting data in a tally chart. This data was then displayed in a bar graph.
Here is Ariel explaining what he did.

Alfa's Recount

Last Friday
In the afternoon on Friday me and my sister and uncle went to Grey Lynn School. We played cricket first. I was batting first. Then it was my sister’s turn. My sister got a home run. Then we went to the shops. We got lollies. Then we went home. My sister took my lolly so we had to go back to the shops.
By Alfa    

Alex's Recount

Wizard 101
I went to Sunken Place.  I found a teleporter.
Then I was in Santouin’s Place. Then  I went back to Sunken Place. Then  I was stuck in by a rope.  
By Alex


Harvey's Weekend Recount

I went to see Hugo at the movies.   It was great!   I went with my mum and  Gary and Bella. Hugo lives in a clock. His Dad died in a fire. A bad guy gets children who have no Mum or Dad. Hugo got caught. Hugo cried.                                                                                   
He wanted to go home.  The movie was                
sad but happy at the end.
By Harvey  

Some of our best recount sentences

Here are the sentences we thought were best in our recounts.

We won the first game but there were 4 games; we won all of the games even the finals.
By Briarn

In it I battled Barbarians, conquered cities and made resources.
By Jake
After dinner we had about five minutes so before pudding we rolled ourselves on the rolley chair, round and round.  We got really dizzy.    Lotta
My Dad took the medal and uncle and auntie took the flowers.  Ezra
I felt proud because I got a good score.  Felix
When we bumped over a wave, we went on our tummies so it felt like we were flying.  Emily
On Course One the instructor told us what to do.  Charlie
In the weekend I bought a toy dog.  Cassie
Instead of cooking our food we had a bonfire.  Matthew
Ouch, I think I got a prickle.  Paloma
Zoom!  Zoom!  On the weekend I went to my Nana’s house.  Talie
Splash!  I dived in the pool.  John
We played Star Wars for a bit but then....POP!  Kaselle fell onto it and then he wanted me to blow it up again, but I said “No Kaselle, it popped”.   By Marley
My brother’s friend got 16 dollars from the street sale.  Luca
My cousin went first, then we took pictures with my Nana’s camera.  Francis
Mr Barker talked to the school.  Nathania
Finn is zooming and the winner’s a tie!  Shea
I went to the beach on the boat.  I saw a shark.  Xavier

Friday, 3 February 2012

Room 16's Holiday Adventures

Here is what we did in the holidays.

Jake went camping in Waipu. 
Talie went to the movies and saw Journey 2.
Tes went to the wave pools. 
Kalia went to Omaha for a holiday.
Felix went camping in Whananaki.
Paloma moved house. 
Daisy went to Wendeholme.
Marley went to Maniac Basketball Camp. 
Cassie went to Kawau Island.
Francis went to Whangamata.
Matthew went to Wellington.
Oska broke his arm and went to Whangamata and Algies Bay.
Leo went to the beach and they saw some friends there.
Lotta went to England, France and Spain.
John went biking at Grey Lynn Park.
Harvey got a Wii.
Shea went to Whangamata and Mount Maunganui.
Ezra went to Riley's house for a sleepover.
Jack went to Onehunga pools with Seko.
Alex went diving. 
Ariel got an ipod classic.
Emily went to Ohakune with her whole family. 
Luka went to India and went on a camel safari.
Briarn went to Taupo Bay.
Jaime went to Rainbow's End.
Charlie went to Christchurch. 
Xavier went to the park. 
Nathania went to the park as well. 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Welcome to 2012 in Room 16

Welcome to a new year and even more exciting learning!

Please visit our blog frequently to view what learning has been taking place in Room 16. 

We hope to have our first post up by Week 2.