Thursday, 6 December 2012

Our Inquiry Learning about Celebrations

Room 16 have been working really hard on their inquiry projects. Everyone has chosen a celebration they want to find out about, brainstormed questions and researched using the internet, books, experts and fact sheets. Here is Francis, Paloma, Cassie and Daisy sharing what they have learnt. For more great learning come and see our Celebration's Wall in Room 16.

Movie on 11-30-12 at 11.46 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 11-30-12 at 2.00 PM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 11-30-12 at 12.12 PM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 12-5-12 at 12.00 PM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Ariel and Jake share their learning

Room 16 have been working really hard on their inquiry projects. Everyone has chosen a celebration they want to find out about, brainstormed questions and researched using the internet, books, experts and fact sheets. Here are Ariel and Jake sharing their learning about Easter.

Jake and Ariel 11-30-12 at 9.43 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Friday, 9 November 2012

The Beginning of my Narrative By Daisy

Once there was a girl called Stella the werewolf and girl called Ella the vampire. They lived in a very lovely scary house. The haunted house was very lovely for them and they were good people. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Some writing from Xavier

Jack and  Billy   went  to  the park. 

No  said  Billy.

I  can   hit   the   ball,  Dad said  to  Billy.

The Beginning of my Narrative

How the Fight Began
By Shea

Far far away on a tropical island was an evil destroyer human being called Steve. There also lived some horrendously loud, calm and careful twin monsters Thing One and Thing Two.

Fireworks By Felix

Frenzy of fire
I love Guy Fawkes
Rainbow of Destruction
Wild One
Outrageous rippers
Rapidly ripping through the sky
Sizzling hot

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bio Poem By Charlie

I Charlie
Son of Allan and Robyn.
Lover of lego and lollies and hurricanes.                          
Who feels excited.
Who needs video games.
Who fears death and shark's.
Who would like lego.
Resident of Scotland.
I am me.

Bio Poem By John

I John.
Son  of Tina and Tala.
Lover of lego.
Who feels happy.
Who needs power.
Who fears spiders.
Who would like to visit  Fiji.
Resident of Samoa.
I am me.

By John.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Bio Poem By Jake

I, Jake.

Sibling of Dylan, Jamie, and Michael.

Lover of Minecraft.

Who feels awesome, crazy, and weird.

Who needs computerised gaming.

Who fears people with hammers.

Who would like $1,000,000,000,000.

Resident of Auckland, NZ.


Bio Poem By Lotta

I Lotta,
Daughter of Paddy and Linda.
Lover of music, family, polca-greace and Sweden.
Who feels embarrassed, excited,annoyed and happy.
Who needs family,food/water, friends and music.
Who fares snakes, rats, death and when my sister is angry.
Who would like more pets and more "GOOD" clothes.
Resident of Aukland NewZealand.
I am me!    

Bio Poem By Felix

I Felix,
Son of Stephen and Mel
Lover of lego and drawing
Who feels intelligent, nice and tired
Who needs sushi,stationary and family
Who fears crash landing in a plane
Who would like to travel to Africa
Resident of NZ and Australia
I am me

Bio Poem By Jaime

I Jaime
Daughter of Jo and Nik
Lover of every thing furry
Who feels happy
Who needs pets and family
Who fears getting eaten by a shark
Who would like all the toys in the wold
Resident of Grey Lynn
I am me

Bio Poem By Emily

I, Emily
Daughter of Abi and Doug
Lover of soft things, shiny things and sweet stuff
Who feels special
Who needs family, company and food
Who fears embarrassment, blood and death
Who would like a pet polar bear
A resident of New Zealand
I am me

Bio Poem By Ariel

I Ariel

Sibling of Finch

Lover of lego

Who sometimes fells psycho

Who needs my playstation vita

Who fears Oska

Who would like to be rich

Resident of New zealand

I am me

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bio Poem By Xavier

I    Xavier

Son of Mum       and     Dad

Who likes   lego

Who loves eggs

Who needs games

Who   fears   nothing'

I am me!

Bio Poem By Harvey

Son of Catherine and David
Lover of Megazone, lego and EB Games
Who feels happy and sometimes turns into the hulk
Who needs to meet One Direction
Who fears knifes falling on my feet
Who would like to have a job
Resident of Auckland
I am me!

Bio Poem By Luka

I  Luka
Son of Tris and Diane
Lover of lego  and computer  games
Who feel excited
Who needs my mum  to come back from Fiji
Who fears rats
Who would like to go skiing
Resident of Auckland
I am me  

Bio Poem By Francis

I Francis
Son of Tracey and Shane
Lover of Megazone
Who feels tired
Who fears hurricanes  
Who would like a puppy
Resident of Westmere
I am me.

Bio Poem By Paloma

I Paloma

Daughter of Julie and Bo

Lover of sylvanians

Who feels happy, nice and excited

Who needs food, water and toys

Who fears relievers

Who would like to go to Mexico

Resident of Auckland

I am me!

Bio Poem By Daisy

I, Daisy

Sister of Hannah and Olivia

Lover of cats, dogs, rats and animals

Who feels happy, sad and excited

Who needs love from mum

Who fears bugs, spiders and sharks

Resident of New Zealand

I am me

Bio poem by Marley

I, Marley,
Son of Che Ness and Angela McDonald-Sunborn,
Lover of basketball, food and electronic games,
Who feels happy, excited and silly,
Who needs a family, a house and a smart brain,
Who fears tornadoes only,
Who would like to go to New York or London,
Resident of Auckland, New Zealand,
I am me!

Bio Poem By Kalia

I, Kalia
Daughter of Sareena, and Malcolm
Lover of nature and salmon
Who feels cheeky, happy and excited
Who needs my family, life and sleep
Who fears tarantulas and dying
Resident of Grey Lynn, and Albany
I am me.

Bio Poem By Shea

I, Shea
Son of Sacha and Dan
Lover of my family and friends
Who feels proud, silly and crazy
Who needs candy floss
Who fears of boogie monsters
Resident of Melbourne, Australia
I am me

Bio Poem By Tes

I, Tes
Daughter of Sau
Lover of Samoa
Who feels happy and worried
Who needs family and food
Who fears slugs and spiders
Who would like to go to Samoa
Resident of Grey Lynn
I am me

Bio poem By Briarn

Sibling of Cassidy
Lover of puppies,drawing and colouring
Who feels exited,happy and tired
Who needs sushi,family and puppy
Who fears spiders and couscous
Who would like a puppy, a mouse and to float in the clouds
Resident of Mount Albert and Grey Lynn
I am me!

Bio Poem By Alex

I am Alex.
Son of Jon and Nichola.
Lover of minecraft.
Who feels cool.
Who needs mum.
Who fears nothing.
Who would like minecraft.
Resident of Grey Lynn.
I am me.

Bio Poem By Oska

 Son of Dan Gosling and Shontal Healy
 Lover of animals,food and drawing
 Who feels stressed,silly and excited
 Who needs a puppy,food and family
 Who fears spiders
 Who would like to travel the world
 Resident of New zealand
 I am me!

Bio Poem By Cassie

I, Cassie
Daughter of Vicky and Nik
Lover of my family
Who feels happy and tired
Who needs Mum
Who fears spiders
Who would like to go to Fiji
Resident of New Zealand
I am me

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Recount By Francis

Going to Parakai for Prizegiving      

On Saturday I went to the amazing park. It was one of the best days of my life! I loved it there. Did you know there was a hydroslide and we were pushing each other off? We lost our mats and after my first turn I went on it like 100 times!Then it was prize giving. I did not get anything but that’s ok because I still had fun.

By Francis

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Reach for the Stars

Here are the lyrics for Reach for the Stars. We are learning this song for the production. 
You could practice singing it at home! We will also be bringing the lyrics home in our poem book this week. 

Speeches Continued!

Here is Briarn, Jamie and Tes with their speeches.

Movie on 8-23-12 at 12.52 PM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 8-22-12 at 11.35 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 8-20-12 at 9.21 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

More Speeches

Here is Paloma, Daisy and Cassie with their speeches. Check out their great expression and gesture.
Movie on 8-20-12 at 3.00 PM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 8-22-12 at 10.10 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 8-23-12 at 11.34 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Speeches From Room 16

Here is Jake and Marley with their speeches.

Movie on 8-15-12 at 9.57 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Movie on 8-17-12 at 11.43 AM from Room 2 on Vimeo.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic News By Briarn and Daisy

This is olympic news. New Zealand just got their first gold medal for rowing.We were coming last in the first 100 metres. THEN we just sped up and DA DA DA DA DA....  we came first! Yaaaaaaaay!
An interesting fact about the olympics is the the olympic rings colors are blue, green, red,yellow and black.

Olympic News By Luka and Xavier and Alex

New Zealand  have  got  their  first  gold  medal  in  rowing. We were coming last in the race and  then  we  came  back  and  won the  finals.  Italy  came  second  and  Slovakia came third in the race.

5 Ways Adults Could Improve

5 Reasons How Adults Could Improve
(A Persuasive Report)
By Oska

I think that adults need to change ( a lot! )

Firstly everybody knows that parents hardly ever let you  go on the computer so... we should be alowed on it more often.

Secondly surely you would agree that adults need to stop making too many rules. They make lots of rules about lots of stuff and why don't they follow them?

Thirdly of course you would agree that adults should not always be alowed to check their e-mails. Then they don't have good  time with us.

Fourthly  it's obvious that adults need to let you stay inside. why do we have to go outside while  they stay inside and watch tv?

Lastly WE all  know  that adults keep on asking us things over and over again! ( This reminds me of my mum!)

So ... this clearly shows that adults  really, really need to improve!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Persuasive Writing

Room 16 has been learning about persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is when you try to persuade or convince someone to do something, buy something or believe something.

Here is Felix and Alex's persuasive reports about wearing a uniform.

Why Grey Lynn School Shouldn’t Have A Uniform
I think we definitely should not have a uniform.
Firstly, everybody knows that uniforms look disgusting because they are not the right color and might be uncomfortable.
Secondly, of course uniforms will be expensive. Just think it could be $25 and you are not a ‘thousandaire’!
Finally, uniforms are easier to lose. If you were going swimming you could easily lose it in the changing room. 
Uniforms are not practical. We should not wear them. 

By Felix

Why we shouldn’t have a uniforms 

I think that if we  had a uniform we wouldn’t get to choose what to wear. We would have to wear the same thing every day.
Secondly, if our uniforms got muddy we would have to wear them anyway.
We would have to wear the same thing over and over again.
Uniforms are bad because we would have to wear the same thing every day.
By Alex

Friday, 20 July 2012

100 Days of Learning

The A to Z of 100 days of Learning in Room 16
By Ariel  

a africa 
 b butterflies
 c computer or class
 d desks 
 e editing 
 f friends 
 g giraffes from africa 
 h hexagons maths group 
 i incorporated learning 
 j journey
 k kate the best teacher ever or kiwis 
l learning 
 m motat or mr barker 
 n new zealand 
 o olympics 
 p pepper the cat 
 q quote
 r race 
 s south africa 
 t teacher 
 u under-estimate teachers power 
 v various mistakes 
 w walking 
 x x-ray 
 y you and me 
 z zero bad things

100 Days of Learning

Here is the A to Z of our first 100 days in Room 16
By Luka 

At School 
Class collage 
Daily maths 
New Zealand
Pepper the cat 
Under-estimate teacher power 
Very fun 
(E)Xtremely good 
You and me 
Zero bad things

Friday, 22 June 2012

Our Trip to Motat

Yesterday the Kowhai Team visited Motat as part of our learning about Electricity. The classroom time we had there was awesome! We got to do heaps of fun experiments which helped us learn more about electricity.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Room 16 Faces

Room 16 is beginning to learn about photography. To start with we took pictures of ourselves using the iPads. Here is a slideshow of some of our photos.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Instructional Writing


GOAL: To wash your hands
MATERIALS: towel, soap and water

1. Find a tap.
2. Turn it on and pull your sleeves up.
3. Put your hands underneath (Then take your hands out).
4. Put soap on your hands.
5. Rub your hands together.
6. Put your hands under the tap and rub.
7. Turn the tap off.
8. Get a paper towel and dry  your hands.
9. Your hands should be dry.

By Oska

Instructional Writing

Washing Your Hands

Goal: to wash your hands

You will need: water, a towel and soap

1. Turn the tap on.
2. Put your hands in the water and rinse your hands.
3. Get the soap and rub it in your hands. 
4. After that you get the paper towel and dry your hands.

By Tes

Monday, 30 April 2012

Room 16's Holidays

Room 16 has been busy writing recounts about their holidays. Here are recounts by Jaime, Leo and Francis. 

The Amazing Show 

On Saturday we went to How To Train Your Dragon. It was amazing because the dragons looked really really real. The people did a really good play. It would be really hard to remember all the words. Anyway I was saying, first we went in the car which was boring. I kept saying “Are we there yet?” It took a long time. It was not that long but long enough to feel sick. Then when I got there I saw a shop. I ran straight to the shop. There was a long line. I went to the bottom of the line. My mum said we can get a toy after the play. But lucky me there was a shop inside. I got Toothless a night fury. The seats were up really high. It was an amazing show. The dragons were amazing. If anyone asks you to the show.. say yes! 

 By Jaime 

To Saint Lukes 

“Im cold” I said to Oma as Issey and Oma and I went to Saint Lukes. First we went to Pumpkin Patch and I got a new vest . A few minutes later we went to Farmers. Then we went to the cinema and we watched the Lorax. It was cool! I felt happy because I got a new vest . 

By Leo Carroll

In the holidays when we got to Whangamata I asked if I could go down to the park with Nathan. When we got there my cousins were all ready down there. When we got to the goalpost we played touch. I played against Nathan and Jack. Olly was in my team. It was first to 3. I won 3 times. Then on the last day we packed up and went home. It was fun. 

By Francis

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pentagons Maths Group

Pentagons maths group have been learning to add by splitting numbers into parts and adding to the nearest ten first.

Here is Briarn explaining this method

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Descriptive Writing in Room 16

Here is some more descriptive writing from our talented class! Come into Room 16 to see the pictures of our space aliens!

The Elemental Eye

Elemental eyes are a fascinating species of very dangerous space aliens that come from the planet Element .

The E Eyes (their nick name) look mostly like a giant eye with horns always curling in front of them. Their eye is specially armoured with acid that will burn in contact. The back of their eye is armoured with iron plates. There is also a summoner on their head that can shoot all elements .

They smell like old, dirty slugs with a rotting carcase on their heads.  E eyes sound like snakes and slugs moving.  They mostly talk through hissing and squishes. They can not talk to any type of living things.

They feel very squishy if they don’t have acid on them. Theirs bodies are dark and sometimes rainbow.

 I like this alien because he is very different from others (but I don’t think you will he is very dangerous)

By Oska

3 Eyed Lenny

Lenny has 3 eyes, 2 ears,1 nose and 4 arms. He feels gooey and squishy. Whenever you touch him you will get slime on you. He sounds like a pig and a
donkey. He smells like horse, poo and paper. He looks like a person and a pig and an alien!

He has ears that are half an egg and they are pink. He eats out of his nose and travels down to his mouth and then chews it.

I like my alien because he is funny.


Eater of Worlds
Eater of Worlds  is  scaly  and  slimy.  His  arms  and legs are too.  He is Egyptian  as well he can shoot webs and leeches. He has  killer razor sharp venus  fly trap hands and one hand below him.   He  can  infect  the ground with his slimy feet.   He  has three eyes. On his back he has millions of spikes that are poisonous.  They paralyze you, then you freeze and he eats you!  If you manage to kill it he drops a lazer cannon .
He is from Pluto.  He is infinite years old and never dies of oldness.  He is sooooo smelly!  He makes high pitched sound waves to talk.  I like Eater of Worlds because he has very good defence.

My Alien
My Alien has 3 eyes and 3 arms on each side.  He has 15 legs and one wiggly mouth like a worm.  He has 2 ears. My alien has 7 pieces of hair.  He has 1 wobbly nose. He smells
like dirt and mud mixed up together.  My alien feels slimy and sloshy. My alien sounds like a mouse going squeak, squeak.  
I like my alien because he has 3 eyes so he can see me better.
My Alien
My alien is a cat.  She has hairy legs.  My alien is friendly.  I like my alien because she is soft.
My Alien
My alien is cool.  My alien has 6 legs on his head.  My alien has a giant big head.  My alien jiggles around.  I like my alien because he can fly.
Smelly is a yucky old dirty alien. He has ten eyes and colourful legs. He feels so slimy that if you touch him he will gobble you up.  So don’t go near him!  
He smells like yucky socks that haven’t been washed.  He sounds like a little baby crying.  He sounds like some rabbits that are nibbling their carrots.  He looks like some cabbage that I threw out last year.  He also looks like a tomato that has claws.  His mouth is like an eye.  He is selfish. 
I don’t like him because he nearly gobbled me up.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Poem of the Week

Here are Cassie and Alex reading our poem of the week The Rainbow Man.

Here is Jakob reading another poem Tongue Tasters.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Descriptive Writing

Room 16 have been learning to write descriptions. This week we drew a picture of an alien. Then we gave our aliens a name and wrote a description. When we had all finished everybody read out their description and the class had to guess which picture it matched too.

Here is Marley's description of his alien Never Soft Eyeball.

Never Soft Eyeball

Never Soft Eyeball has 17 eyeballs. He has
three heads made out of eyeballs. He has eyeballs growing out of the eyeball heads. He also has proper eyes on his hands so wherever he puts them he can see.

If you touch his eyeballs he will disappear and will come back when you have gone. The eyeballs that are growing on him can turn into purple hair that goes backwards. He has a bucket as a foot and a shovel as the other foot.

He feels like a slimy, greasy, mouldy old alien. He smells like a bunch of horrible old cheese. He sounds like he’s choking except he isn’t.

Never Soft Eyeball has five long and short legs. He has a huge mouth on his tummy instead of it on his head.

I like my alien because there is no other species like him.

By Marley