Monday, 30 April 2012

Room 16's Holidays

Room 16 has been busy writing recounts about their holidays. Here are recounts by Jaime, Leo and Francis. 

The Amazing Show 

On Saturday we went to How To Train Your Dragon. It was amazing because the dragons looked really really real. The people did a really good play. It would be really hard to remember all the words. Anyway I was saying, first we went in the car which was boring. I kept saying “Are we there yet?” It took a long time. It was not that long but long enough to feel sick. Then when I got there I saw a shop. I ran straight to the shop. There was a long line. I went to the bottom of the line. My mum said we can get a toy after the play. But lucky me there was a shop inside. I got Toothless a night fury. The seats were up really high. It was an amazing show. The dragons were amazing. If anyone asks you to the show.. say yes! 

 By Jaime 

To Saint Lukes 

“Im cold” I said to Oma as Issey and Oma and I went to Saint Lukes. First we went to Pumpkin Patch and I got a new vest . A few minutes later we went to Farmers. Then we went to the cinema and we watched the Lorax. It was cool! I felt happy because I got a new vest . 

By Leo Carroll

In the holidays when we got to Whangamata I asked if I could go down to the park with Nathan. When we got there my cousins were all ready down there. When we got to the goalpost we played touch. I played against Nathan and Jack. Olly was in my team. It was first to 3. I won 3 times. Then on the last day we packed up and went home. It was fun. 

By Francis

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pentagons Maths Group

Pentagons maths group have been learning to add by splitting numbers into parts and adding to the nearest ten first.

Here is Briarn explaining this method