Thursday, 27 October 2011

What did Room 2 do in the holidays?

George went into the city.
Josh went to see Real Steel.
Lola went to Taupo.
Livana went to a building class.
Jack went to Havelock North to see his cousins. 
Petra went to France.
Andre went to the beach.
Maya saw Spy Kids 4.
Briarn went to the Family Day Concert.
Tes went to the museum.
Zac went to the holiday programme and saw Spy Kids 4. 
Shaan watched the Rugby World Cup Final.
Riley H went to his Papa's house. 
Holly went to Christchurch.
Wyatt touched a stingray.
Tama went to Nguarawahia to play league.
Ethan had lots of special treats.
Stella went to Heathcoate.
Joel went to Andre's house.
Kate went to Waiheke.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Holiday Dreams!

Room 2 has been thinking about what we would like to do in the holidays. Here are some of our ideas.

See Real Steel.

Win the competition to see Spy Kids.

Go to Taupo.

Win family pass to see the seahorses at Kelly Tarltons.

Go to Skids.

Do whatever we want!

Go to Christchurch.

Watching the finals of the Rugby World Cup.

Go to Ponsonby Holiday Programme.

Go to Megazone.

Go to the pools and watch a movie.

Moving to Australia.

Going to What Now.

Playing kicks at Ponsonby Park.

Seeing The Smurfs movie.